Inflatable Tunnel Kids Water park

247.800 KD 354.000 KD

An inflatable swimming pool and slide is the favorite summer game for many children. Who wouldn't want to climb onto the inflatable and slide down to cool off and have fun on a beautiful sunny day?

Bestway, which has been producing swimming pools and accessories for many years, has created the Hurricane Tunnel Blast Constant Air, a real aquatic park to install in your garden!

The Hurricane Tunnel Blast inflatable water park from the H2OGo line! it is the perfect inflatable toy for the little ones because it guarantees fun in complete safety without ever deflating! With a special Constant Air technology, the supplied electric blower allows the structure to be inflated in just two minutes and always keeps it perfectly inflated and stable for the entire time of use.

Bestway's Hurricane Tunnel Blast is a colorful and fun water park with a wall that children can climb up, with sturdy handles and foot holds, with a net protects that protects from possible falls. From here, the children reach the slide and then turn and spin down where a refreshing surprise awaits them: a tunnel that constantly sprays water to keep the park always wet, recharging the children for a new fun ride!

At the base of the playground there is a large swimming pool that can be filled with both colored balls and water, where children can play with their friends and splash around before starting another adventure.

The height of the inflatable water playground is 2.60 meters and the width is 3.20 meters, dimensions that allow 7 children to play simultaneously. But the detail that makes this slide unique is the fact that it is made of PVC coated in polyester, much more resistant than common mini inflatables, ensuring maximum resistance to continuous stress and a feeling of total comfort for the children. The curved tunnel slide is extremely sturdy and safe, and the cushions at the edges are filled with water to ensure a smooth landing.

Like most inflatables, this model is equipped with a convenient integrated shoe compartment, a series of anchoring hooks and bags to fix the structure to the ground, a repair kit and a carrying bag, convenient if, for example, you want to take the playground to a friend's backyard for the birthday party.

This summer, transform your garden into an aquatic playground with Bestway's Hurricane Tunnel Blast: it only takes two minutes to inflate and make your children's summer unique! And the price? Might be less than you think!

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Technical features

  • Dimensions: 420x320x260cm (width, length, height)
  • H2OGo model! Hurricane Tunnel Blast Mega Water Park
  • Assembly 2 minutes with air blower (ConstantAir)
  • Max capacity 7 children / 381 kg
  • Age: 5-10 years
  • Polyester material with PVC cover
  • Slide with water mat
  • Water pool
  • Climbing wall
  • Safety walls with net
  • Tunnel with spray system
  • Continuous air blower (220-240V 50Hz)
  • Mesh shoe holder
  • Pegs and bags for fixing to the ground
  • High strength repair patch
  • Transport bag