Mother of Pearl

11.000 KD 30.000 KD

If you are not the mermaid princess, who is?
  • Life of the party. Indoor / outdoor sofa. Ground / pool / lake / sea / beach lounger.
  • Material: White luxurious matte finish. Thick eco-friendly PVC. Soft in touch yet high strength.
  • Includes: Scallop shell, beach ball, package box.
  • Take selfies Like A Boss.
  • Made of thick and durable eco-friendly PVC with a luxurious matte finish. Soft in touch yet high strength.


  • This is not a lifesaving device.
  • Avoid sharp objects.
  • Avoid 100% inflation.
  • Inflate less to make the shell open very wide and spread out so that it can hold more than one person laying on it. Best sunbathing lounger.